Accurate sensing and monitoring advanced analyzing and diagnostic technology.
SHINKAWA keeps on creating new technology for the future.

28. Monitoreo y Análisis de Vibración


33. Sensores / Transductores SHINKAWA

Shinkawa have a full range of sensors/transducers with high environmental resistance and reliability to support various rotating machinery and measurement applications, allowing customers to choose the right one for the specific needs.

Condition Monitors


From large turbine generator protection to general-purpose rotating machinery monitoring, SHINKAWA offers monitors/systems to fit the size of your production assets. Our extensive selection of options allows for systems just right your needs.

Analysis & Diagnostic Systems

Sistemas de análisis y de diagnóstico

On-line analysis/diagnostic systems for rotating machinery are becoming more popular. We provide flexible, expandable systems based on our accumulated expertise as a leading monitoring system manufacturer.

Eddy-current Displacement Sensors

Corrientes de Foucault Sensores de desplazamiento shinkawa

By developing special sensor materials, SHINKAWA noncontact sensors achieve exceptional temperature characteristics and long term stability, as well as superior environmental resistance to high and low temperatures, high pressure, etc.

Applications are diverse, including production equipment monitoring, production quality control, research institute, etc.

Rotor Kit

Rotor Kit

The perfect training tool for rotor dynamics and vibration with journal bearings

This is a small sized rotor kit supported with journal bearings, and a perfect tool for teaching and learning fundamentals on rotor dynamics and vibration.