RM Automatizacion is committed to provide industrial automation solutions for process control, assuring our customers safety, operation and increase on the profitability of your business
RM Automation, SA de CV is a Supply, Engineering and Service company.

For this reason we are constantly seeking continuous improvements in our infrastructure in order to provide our business partners the best and fastest response counseling, supporting and offering solutions of different needs presented by the industry.

RM Automatizacion currently has a presence in various parts of the country and seeking the expansion of its technical resources, it is therefore essential to have specialists from all disciplines in different regions and sectors of the industry we serve.

For this reason RM Automatizacion designed a network of service, support and engineering that allows us from anywhere to use the appropriate solution for every need.

Ingeniería, Servicios y Asistencia Remota

This network consists of a server that contains the appropriate software to simulate and test the different solutions you may need in a project. So you can make configurations, testing and modifications in a short time without moving a specialized resource.

This server is accessible to the engineering staff from anywhere with Internet connection and a Work Station located in each of the subsidiaries of RM.
Each Work Station has the configuration software field equipment, so that way a specialist engineer can connect any point and perform calibration and computer configurations without having to transfer them to the service center.

This reduces the response time we offer to our customers and partners and ensures revision of pre-delivery equipment.