Energy Management & Monitoring

What is Eniscope?

Eniscope is probably the most complete energy management solution in the world, helping you to identify waste and eliminate costs. It combines unmatched hardware with a class leading software platform in one holistic solution.
Eniscope collates real-time energy data from multiple
sources in addition to its highly accurate on-board
metering capability and delivers critical information via
stunning, easy to understand graphics.

Eniscope has been developed and honed over the last 10 years to become a powerful energy monitoring and energy saving targeting solution. Designed and built in the UK, It offers the world’s first truly integrated energy monitoring ecosystem.
The Customisable Reporting Tool and Energy Alerts in the Cloud means you have your very own Virtual Energy Manager 24/7/365.
It measures all the required electrical parameters,
then delivers second by second live data to a real-time dashboard. It offers easy to understand analytical displays, showing energy consumption patterns either by individual pieces of equipment, circuits, departments or buildings at a one-minute resolution. It is the perfect solution for multi-site monitoring and targeting.
The data is available across networks, to be viewed on any computer, or across a range of portable devices, from anywhere in the world. The information is displayed in a language you will understand, be it kWh’s, cost, voltage or carbon.
Eniscope has the potential to make a massive positive impact on your business – both in terms of delivering vital business intelligence relating to one of your most important assets – and also directly impacting on your bottom line profits. But… you don’t need to take our word for it. By engaging in a BEST Proof of Concept based on the SMART programme you will be able to determine first hand the significant benefits that can be derived from implementing a robust energy management programme.

Who Needs Eniscope?

In a recent report engineering giant Siemens identified energy monitoring and targeting as the number one energy saving option, adding that it makes it easier to perform other energy saving actions.
They state in the report that: “The ability to measure and monitor real time key performance indicators on your site, by collecting the right data in the right way, will mean you can highlight problem areas and identify quick payback opportunities.”
With this report in mind, we believe that Eniscope is the world’s most complete energy monitoring solution. Eniscope is unique as it delivers the following:

1. Three phase voltage reference.
2. Multi-circuit monitoring.
3. Pulse inputs to also monitor such things as gas, water, oil, steam or heat.
4. It can read other meters.
5. It has ethernet connectivity, allowing it to connect over a local network or the internet.
6. Multiple (8) temperature monitoring.
7. Eniscope is CE, UL and cUL approved to work up to 600V (LN).
8. Eniscope software delivers the data and control through apps, delivering real-time data, analytics, renewable displays, public displays, customer reporting and a mobile app.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring of 8 three-phase metering points, 8 pulse inputs, 8 temperature inputs.
  • Meters provide accurate measurement of 30 electrical parameters and can read existing meters e.g. gas and water.
  • Historical and real-time data viewable on any computer, or mobile device, from anywhere in the world via Eniscope Analytics.
  • Option to display real-time consumption and/or generation data on-site, affecting behaviour change and raising awareness.
  • Remote updates ensure continuous improvement via the cloud without the need to purchase additional equipment.