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Yokogawa to Release Multi-function Wireless Adaptor that Allows Wired Field Instruments to Function as ISA100 Wireless™ Devices.


Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release a newly developed multi-function wireless adaptor on December 1. This adaptor enables wired devices that transmit/receive digital ON/OFF signals or receive 4-20 mA analog signals to function as ISA100 Wireless™* field wireless devices.


Development Background

Field wireless systems enable plant field devices and host-level monitoring, control, and other systems to communicate wirelessly with each other. Driven by the need to improve productivity and safety, companies are looking for ways to collect more data on their plant operations. Consequently, there is a rising demand for field wireless devices as they can be installed in difficult-to-wire locations. Field wireless devices have the added advantage of having a lower installation cost.


In addition to ISA100 Wireless-based field devices and systems, Yokogawa offers multi-protocol wireless adaptors that enable HART® and Modbus devices to function as ISA100 Wireless devices. The development of this new multi-function wireless adaptor demonstrates Yokogawa’s ongoing commitment to promoting the spread of wireless communication technologies.


Product Features

Plants use communication protocols such as FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, HART, Modbus, and PROFIBUS to facilitate the exchange of data. In addition, digital ON/OFF, 4-20 mA analog input, and other types of signals are used for a variety of purposes. This multi-function wireless adaptor has been developed with this latter category of signal types in mind. The mounting of this adaptor on a wired device that transmits/receives digital ON/OFF signals or receives 4-20 mA analog signals enables it to function as an ISA100 Wireless device. This increases the variety of devices that can be used with field wireless systems, and is expected to lead to a wider use of such systems in plant operations.


  1. Signal types


For use with limit switches, solenoid valves, analog transmitters, and other device types, the adaptor has two channels for digital input signals that are used to monitor the ON/OFF state of devices, one channel for digital signals that output the ON/OFF state of devices, and one channel for receiving 4-20 mA analog process value signals from transmitters.


  1. Environmental resistance


An all-weather model that is waterproof and dustproof and an explosion proof model that can be used in inflammable gas environments are expected to be released by the end of 2015.


Major Target Markets

Industries such as oil & gas, LNG, refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, food, and iron and steel



For use with switches, solenoid valves, and other device types that utilize digital ON/OFF signals, and transmitters that utilize 4-20 mA analog input signals


Yokogawa’s Approach to Field Wireless Communications

Yokogawa released the world’s first ISA100 Wireless system devices and wireless pressure and temperature transmitters in July 2010. In addition to enabling sophisticated control techniques in continuous processes, this gave customers a wider range of devices to choose from.


In line with the Wireless Anywhere concept for field wireless solutions, Yokogawa will continue to expand its lineup of ISA100 Wireless transmitters and other devices such as adaptors to develop best-in-class solutions that provide higher value to customers, and promote the use of field wireless technologies.


*ISA100 Wireless

A technology that is based on the ISA100.11a standard. It includes ISA100.11a-2011 communications, an application layer with process control industry standard objects, device descriptions and capabilities, a gateway interface, infrared provisioning, and a backbone router.


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Yokogawa Receives Order to Provide Control System for New PEMEX Ultra-low-sulfur Diesel Fuel Plant


Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that its subsidiary Yokogawa de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. has received an order from Cobra Instalaciones Mexico S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of the Spanish EPC firm ACS, to supply an integrated control and safety instrumented system solution for an ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel plant that is being built for PEMEX Refinacion, a subsidiary of Mexico’s national oil company, PEMEX.


To reduce air pollution caused by emissions of sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter, PEMEX is promoting the use of low-sulfur diesel fuel and gasoline. This project involves the construction of an ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel plant at the PEMEX Cadereyta refinery complex, which is located in Nuevo Leon state in northeastern Mexico. The new plant will produce ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel from naphtha purified at the Cadereyta refinery. This facility will have the capacity to produce 35,000 barrels per day of this desulfurized fuel, and is scheduled to come online in the first half of 2017.


For the monitoring and control of this plant’s hydrodesulfurization unit and sulfur recovery unit, Yokogawa will deliver the CENTUM® VP integrated production control system, the STARDOM® network-based control system, the ProSafe®-RS safety instrumented system for shutting down the plant under abnormal conditions, the Exaquantum™ plant information management system and other solution-based software packages, the GC8000 process gas chromatograph for analyzing gas composition, and a variety of field instruments for flow measurement. Yokogawa de Mexico will be responsible for installation and engineering, and will also provide support with commissioning and the training of plant operators. Installation of these systems and products is scheduled to be completed by the first half of 2015.


Mexico is rich in oil and natural gas resources, and recently has confirmed the presence of shale oil and gas deposits. Investments by companies in the private sector, including overseas-based enterprises, for the development of Mexico’s oil and gas resources, are expected to be approved and investment in this field is expected to increase. And in line with the rising awareness around the world of the need to protect the environment, an increase in demand for the sulfur removal facilities, particularly in developing nations, is foreseen. Yokogawa anticipates continued growth in the Mexican control systems business, and will aggressively pursue additional control system orders for sulfur removal facilities that contribute to preventing air pollution and thereby help to protect the environment.